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Spiritual Gifts

How To Use This Tool

Step Two

Follow the Instructions below and complete the booklet


Instructions for Assessments:

  1. Pray that God will guide you in your answers.

  2. Avoid choosing “sometimes” as much as possible.

  3. Go with your first impression for each statement, move through the assessments quickly, and try not to over think each statement. 

  4. If you’re not strongly impressed on one answer, skip it, and come back to it after you finish the others.



simpleDISCovery - Add your answers for section 1 and write the total on the line for “1. Total____(D)”. Repeat for sections 2-4. Choose the letters in parentheses next to your 2 highest scores, and use those to fill in the blank for your personality/leadership style. Read about your answers on pages 7-12.


Spiritual Gifts Questions -

1) Fill in the blanks on pages 15-16 with your answers to each statement on pages 13-14. NOTICE you must complete column 1 on BOTH

    pages 15-16 before starting column 2! Make sure you are writing your answer next to the correct number.

2) Total each row in the “Total” column.

3) Circle your 3 highest totals.

4) Use pages 17-20 to fill in the blanks in the “Gifts” column, match the names of the gifts to the letters.

5) Read about your 3 highest gifts on pages 17-20 and look up the scriptures related to them to learn more.


NOTE: Your totals do NOT reflect the strength of your gifts. Some people avoid the extremes of 1 and 5 in their answers. This impacts the scores, but it is only a personal preference for self evaluation. Your totals only point you to the answers, they serve no other purpose other than revealing your personality/leadership style and gifts.


Growth Track is a 4 step series to help believers grow as disciples of Christ. If you have not yet been through the series and are interested in joining our next sessions, contact us by clicking Here




1) Gifts & Passions, 2) Life Experiences, 3) Pain



1) Discover, 2) Know, 3) Use, Serve God by Serving Others



Serve God by Serving Others

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