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Welcome to Modesto Central Seventh-day Adventist Church.

We are a group of people who gather in the heart of Modesto, CA

committed to following the teachings of Jesus and growing as His disciples.


As we follow Him, we recognize that we're called to four main goals:

love God, love others, imitate Christ, and share His love and Good News in the world.

We strive to fulfill this calling through four key activities:

1) Seeking God - through worship, prayer & Bible study

2) Reflecting Jesus - through practical application of His word and expressions of His love and grace

3) Training to Share - by studying Christ's methods of lovingly reaching others

4) Sharing God's Love and Good News - through practical ministry for others


I warmly invite you to join us and pray that you will find Modesto Central Church

a place of belonging that will feed your soul and fill you with meaning and purpose.

Come and experience the life Jesus offers us all in a community of love.

We can't wait to meet you in person. 

Click on the "plan a visit" button below to continue your journey of discovery

and learn more about our church family.


Pastor Sandi Colón

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