Seek. Study. Serve.

about kid's night

Kid's Night is a discipleship program in downtown Modesto, CA.


During Kid's Night, children enjoy singing together, memorizing Bible verses, learning Bible stories, doing fun crafts, and making new friends while learning about and developing spiritual practices!


The program is designed for kids Pre-K through 6th grade and takes place on Mondays from 6-7:30 pm inside the church.


For those in 7th and 8th grade, we offer a Leadership Training program designed to teach them valuable skills to become leaders!


For any questions and/or more information, contact: 

Kim Palitang (209) 402-6406.



On most Mondays at 5 pm, we offer a vegetarian dinner meal for parents and kids at $2 per person in our Fellowship Center. We do this so that your family can enjoy Kids Night without the hassle of a typical Monday schedule.


Our mission at Kid's Night is that your child will learn how to SEEK God in prayer, STUDY his Word, and SERVE with love. 

Our three stations are here to help them learn these practices in a fun and creative way.


We envision a child engaged in the ongoing discovery of their identity in Christ. Our Kid's Night community is here to help them do just that. Your child will make life long friends who will be there to encourage them in life's journey.

Opening Night

Kid's Night begins on September 9!

$2 Dinner in the Fellowship Center at 5 pm.

The program begins at 6 pm inside the church.

Can't wait to see you there!



We have plenty of space available behind the main building in our parking lot for you to station your vehicle. Once you have parked, make your way to the front entrance. When you arrive at our main entrance, head to the registration table. Here you will check-in your child with one of our staff, they will be given a color-coded name badge and assigned to a group based on their age. Once they are checked in, they will move into our chapel room where they will join the rest of the group to learn their memory verse song for the week, listen to instructions for the day, and then move on to the first of three stations. At the end of the program, all the groups will meet back at the chapel for closing.


During the program, your child (along with their group) will be led into our three activity stations:

(each station time lasts 20 minutes)

Study Station: In this station, kids will interact in creative ways with a story from the Bible led by our staff.

Seek Station: In this station, kids will practice ways to discover their prayer life from experienced staff.

Serve Station: In this station, kids will work on fun hands-on projects that will bless others.


The safety of your child is our top priority. All of our staff have been trained, screened and background checked through Verified Volunteers to ensure your child is safe. 


For the safety of our kids, parents must come to sign out their kids from the youth chapel at the conclusion of the program. Feel free to stick around while your child enjoys the Kid's Night program or come back at 7:30 to pick them up.

Register Your Child Today!
I give permission for pictures/videos of my child(ren) to be used for slideshows on Modesto Central SDA Church’s website, Kids Night marketing, or other Kids Night publications. I understand my child(ren)’s name will not be given.
In case of emergency, the Kids Night Staff have my permission to seek medical help for my child.

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Our weekly memory verse songs are a great way to memorize Bible verses.  Anyone can commit Bible passages to memory when put to music.  You may play the songs from here, or listen to them in your car, office or home via the free Soundcloud app on your mobile device.  You'll be learning new scripture very quickly!  Click here to visit our Soundcloud page!